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Introducing our AW17 Collections... Cumulus and Provocateur April 05 2017, 0 Comments

Today we're excited to launch two brand new AW17 Collections, Cumulus and Provocateur. Shot by Eve Wilson and styled in collaboration with Beck Simon, we couldn’t be more thrilled with these collections, particularly on the eve of our 2nd birthday!


“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

The inspiration behind Cumulus is a personal one that comes from our adventures to New Zealand, the land of the Long White Cloud and reconnecting with our families over there. Kiwi blood runs through all three of us so we all feel a personal connection to the land, the people and the traditions.

Cumulus Living Room Pack | Curated by Nathan + Jac | Styled in collaboration with Beck Simon | Photography by Eve Wilson

Our Cumulus Collection draws inspiration from the lush green pastures and rolling hills, untamed and wild in their beauty, towering sand dunes and rugged coastlines for as far as the eye can see. Equally tranquil and serene and broody and masculine, our carefully curated Cumulus Collection of Full Room Packs, Accessory Packs, artwork, rugs, lighting, accessories and of course layers upon layers of skins, throws and cushions make this the perfect reason to stay indoors this winter.

Our paint partner Haymes Paints, again provided us the perfect backdrop to layer our landscape inspired palette of green grass, muted blues and greys, charcoals and sandy beige leathers. On our walls we used 'Chimney Ash' and 'Charcoal Grey' by Haymes.

Cumulus Bedroom Pack | Curated by Nathan + Jac | Styled in collaboration with Beck Simon | Photography by Eve Wilson

As always, we start a new collection with artwork and for Cumulus we couldn’t go past the ethereal and captivating landscape photography of NJ favourite Georgina Skinner. For the British native now based on a New Zealand dairy farm, Georgina has the ability to transport a viewer from the daily grind to the many far flung places she snaps.

This collection is also all about luscious greenery! Create a green wall at home with our new range of pot planters and baskets.


“Who said nights were for sleep?” – Marilyn Monroe

Provocateur is for the master of her (or his) own domain. Provocative and sultry, underpinned by bold, luscious lips, red wine tones, a hint of rouge and sleek, sophisticated lines. The allure of Provocateur will have the wallflowers running for cover.

Provocateur Living Room Pack | Curated by Nathan + Jac | Styled in collaboration with Beck Simon | Photography by Eve Wilson

This one is all about them lips! We discovered the talented 19 year old photographer, Nastia on Instagram and as soon as we did we knew we had to curate a collection around those lips!

Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev, based in Montreal, Quebec, knows how to capture a provocative tone with her instantly iconic Lips series, exclusive in Australia to Nathan + Jac. It's hard to believe the Canadian-based photographer is still only in her teens, with an already impressive list of collaborations and credentials to her name.

Provocateur Bedroom Pack | Curated by Nathan + Jac | Styled in collaboration with Beck Simon | Photography by Eve Wilson

Nastia's work primarily concentrates on close up portraiture. From her Instagram bio "Lips and eyes dictate the way I capture the instant", her painted red pouts, open mouths and tongues create a feature in any interior and were without a doubt the focal point of our sultry AW17 collection, Provocateur. We have four striking Lip Prints available, 'Glossy', 'Bite', 'Lollipop' and 'Grills'.

The palette of Provocateur is as bold and unapologetic as the babe who lives here. ‘Burnt Siena’ by Haymes Paint on our bedroom walls create a moody marsala base, while accents of peach, dusty blush, sleek black leather and chic cool grey add polish and sophistication. On our living room walls we used 'Charcoal Grey' by Haymes.


New range of Cumulus cushions, proudly designed and made in Melbourne by Nathan + Jac

Of course, complimentary to artwork as the foundation of each collection is our range of NJ Cushions! The palette and textures we use in each new range set the tone for the whole collection. This season we have a new range of luxurious velvets, stitched quilting, sandy crinkled leather and flecked wool and cotton in our signature styles and designs, all proudly designed and made by us right here in Melbourne. 

For winter too, upholstered bedheads are our fave! We have two new bedheads to our stable, in beautiful padded stitch fabrics in grass green and grey, also proudly designed and made in Melbourne.

Cumulus Bedroom Pack | Curated by Nathan + Jac | Styled in collaboration with Beck Simon | Photography by Eve Wilson
Riley showing off our new range of Provocateur cushions, designed and made in Melbourne by Nathan + Jac

MEET THE MAKER // BOTANICA BOUTIQUE February 14 2017, 0 Comments

The moment we discovered Botanica Boutique we knew we'd stumbled on to something special. Our whole team literally squealed the first time we unwrapped the cute-as-a-button mossarium from it's packaging.

I am partial to anything mini, just ask my husband when we find ourselves in the travel aisle at Priceline. But it was something about the whole experience of it all that first got our attention.

Every aspect of this innovative brand is on point. The bases are made from the finest materials, and the clever rainforest lid means that even the most devout plant killer (I'm looking at me) has a better chance at keeping this one alive for at least a month longer than usual.

But it was the detail and care that impressed us the most; from the accompanying mister and microfibre cloth right down to the round gift packaging, that reminded us of those expensive hat boxes in something like My Fair Lady. The combination of the matte black packaging with copper foiling had us drooling, while the prospect of creating our very own mini-moss environment had us running for the nearest nursery. Anyone that can mix the practical with the stylish gets a big tick in our books, but it was in the detail that we realised just how much love has gone into creating this unique brand.

Photo credit: Lesley Williams | Styling: Emily O'Brien

Who is Botanica Boutique and what inspired you to get started?

Botanica is myself, Lesley Williams, and partner Simon Zappia. We created Botanica to highlight both the tiny and delicate to the large and wondrous of the plant world through Industrial Design.

Photo credit: Lesley Williams | Styling: Emily O'Brien

What are the 3 most important brand values to you?

  1. Innovation
  2. Authentic Design
  3. Encouraging people to reconnect with nature, even on a subconscious level, to enhance everyday life
Photo credit: Lesley Williams

We love your innovative and unique Mossariums. Was there anything that inspired or sparked you to create these designs?

Thank you. I have always loved the mystique of miniature plant life and mosses under glass. I began collecting mosses when Simon and I both moved to the Adelaide foothills 7 years ago and through our passion for product design we wanted to create collections that highlighted the smaller beauties in nature that don’t always catch your attention straight away. We started with Sanctuary S and have since created other vessels that support different plant life through varying microclimates. When peering into a Sanctuary you are forced to look deeper, the beauty is magnified and it is a forever changing environment. Taking time out of my day to attend to them is so relaxing to me. 

Photo credit: Lesley Williams

What is the number one mistake you see in plant care? And any tips to avoid making it?

Overwatering. In a closed system like Sanctuary M Rainforest you don’t need to water as often as it will hold more moisture than an open system. That’s the beauty of it. 

If I can squeeze in another mistake I’ve seen… Please be careful not to mix plants that enjoy different environments together, for example placing your succulents with your ferns. 

Photo credit: Lesley Williams | Styling: Emily O'Brien

Any tips on creating a standout arrangement in your Santuary M Mossariums?

Keep it simple and consider plant hierarchy. Choose a hero piece (i.e. small fern, palm or orchid) and a smaller supporting plant or ground cover (selaginella / venus flytrap / moss/ small stones). Once again, less is absolutely more when it comes to Sanctuary!

Photo credit: Lesley Williams

Photo credit: Lesley Williams
Santuary M Temperate packaging | Photo credit: Lesley Williams


What is Sanctuary S?

Sanctuary S is a small vessel that captures the beauty of the rainforest by highlighting the intriguing and delicate miniature world of moss. Sanctuary maintains a controlled environment so no matter what your climate, you can enjoy a bit of easy care nature indoors. A unique alternative to flowers as a gift or to add touches of greenery to a home or office.

Perfect for small spaces, desktops, bookshelves and wet areas, Sanctuary comes with a mister, micro fibre cloth and template to trim the moss to the perfect size.

Buy or collect mosses for your space from your local nursery and watch them grow. Available from Nathan + Jac in Carrara Marble or Nero Marquina Marble.

Photo credit: Lesley Williams

What is Sanctuary M?

Whilst maintaining the beauty and functionality of the original Sanctuary S form, we have evolved the design, pushed production boundaries, introduced new materials and the result is a stunning modular system which embodies three different micro climates: Rainforest, Temperate and Arid. Select from bases in oak, walnut, marble, concrete and cork and create an environment to suit both you and your plants.

We’ve solved the common issues with small terrariums and developed what we believe are beautifully resolved forms to suit any interior. If you’re super busy or maybe your house or apartment doesn’t have the space for plants – don’t worry. This one still fits on your desk and the best part is it’s so easy to care for.

Choose from these 3 micro climates: Rainforest, Temperate and Arid.

Photo credit: Lesley Williams


Rainforest is the original, closed terrarium design, allowing you to keep moss and moisture loving plants for extended periods of time, enjoying greenery all year round.

With a hand blown glass top and Botanica's patented teardrop lid profile. The teardrop form of the glass top directs condensation back onto the foliage. The moss insert presents the moss and has the original Sanctuary S reservoir to drain excess water. Sanctuary M Rainforest emulates nature’s water cycle system so all you need to do is watch and enjoy life doing its thing.

Creating your arrangement in the insert keeps your base and glass clean. It’s easy to drain and make changes without the need for terrarium tools and very easy to clean, just remove the glass top to polish.


Temperate is Botanica's first open terrarium design for plants that enjoy a moist environment yet require airflow and room to grow. Open terrariums are for plants that require bright but indirect light and more room for soil.

Temperate is also composed of a hand blown glass top. The soil is subtly hidden in the design so the foliage can feature in all its glory. The plant insert provides more room for soil and better options for draining excess water to prevent potential rotting of your plants roots. Just pierce the insert for marble and concrete bases.

Creating your arrangement in the insert keeps your base and glass clean. It’s easy to drain and make changes without the need for terrarium tools and very easy to clean, just remove the glass top to polish. If you love to experiment with plants other than moss then you will love this refined, open terrarium design.


Arid is for succulents and cacti plants that require drainage and minimal water. To create an Arid environment for your plants, simply remove the hand blown glass top from your Rainforest or Temperate mossarium.

The plant insert provides more room for soil and better options for draining excess water to prevent potential rotting of your plants roots. Just pierce the insert for marble and concrete bases. Creating your arrangement in the insert also keeps your base clean.


Bec x


BECK SIMON has been part of the styling industry for 6 years. Her beautiful work has been published in Belle, Real Living, Home Beautiful, Country Style and Fete magazine. She has worked with many iconic brands including Myer, Adairs, Dulux Group, Fenton & Fenton, House Of Orange, Cultiver and of course styling for our most recent GYPSY shoot.

Having styled a few shelves in her time, today she shares with you her tips for creating a perfectly balanced (and instagrammable) shelf, as well as how she came to be a star of the styling industry.


GYPSY Beck Simon Nathan + Jac


When styling shelves I am of the opinion that less is more, my shelves are always quite paired back - I’m not into clutter.

1. Include beautiful objects of relative size - smaller objects look 'bitsy' and cluttered

2. Group objects in different shapes and sizes

3. Include plants/greenery/flowers 

4. Don’t be afraid of negative space - don’t think you have to fill every inch of your shelving, give your objects room to shine.

5. Keep it balanced

GYPSY shelf Nathan + Jac




Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Kyneton - a country gal, shaking it in the big city.  Kyneton is a great little town, my family still live there in the same house I grew up in.  

It’s a great place for a weekend road trip - good food, coffee and my favourite gallery/store to visit Stockroom Space

How did you get into styling?

I began my pathway into styling by assisting stylists I admired. This was invaluable. It’s where I began to learn about the industry and what it would take to become a stylist. So I worked hard, learnt as much as I could, then began my transition into styling for my own clients. The transition wasn’t easy, but I was very fortunate to have great mentors.

Being a stylist requires physical work and a whole lot of organisation and coordination, and that's before you even step on set or location!

There are SOME days when I wish I didn’t have to pack and unpack a van, but seeing the final images from the shoot makes it all worth while!


Do you have any styling tricks or rules you always go by?

Balance. Things need to feel/look balanced. 

I will keep working on a scene until I am happy with the balance of colour, shapes and light.

I think there can be styling rules, but the best work i’ve seen pushes those boundaries. 

Colour - Tone - Texture - Balance. They’re my rules. 

Make your own rules, that’s when you’ll find your own style. 

What piece of styling work are you most proud of? 

I’m proud of most projects. When I look back at some of my earlier projects, there are things i’d change and do differently now. 

I’m proud of my first published editorial, which was a kids bedroom feature, that will always be special.

I’m always learning and developing my style.

Beck Simon Styling Nathan Jac


Who or what inspires you? 

Travel inspires me.  Design inspires me. 

I am fortunate to work with some of the best interior/lifestyle photographers and these talented people inspire me to do better every shoot. The drive to create beautiful imagery inspires me. Oh and a vodka martini!

Do you have a favourite artist?

I love Sylvia McEwans and Emmi Goodwin. I like darkness in art. I always found Abbey McCulloch’s work interesting.  Australia has some exceptionally talented artists, how do you choose a favourite! 

Where do you like to look for pieces? 

Artwork is important in interiors. I spend a LOT of time searching online for things I like. So much of my preparation is in research. I search galleries, exhibitions, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Art doesn’t need to be a expensive, there a lot of affordable options. Photographic prints are everywhere at the moment.  

Check out your favourite photographer’s website, you may be able to purchase one of their prints! 

Beck Simon Stylist


A big thank you to Beck for her time in sharing this with us all!

Keep in touch with Beck: 

Instagram - @becksimonstylist

Website -

Join our team! September 29 2016, 0 Comments

We are looking for a Showroom Manager to join our team! PD and job description below. If you think this might be you email your application to

MEET THE MAKER: Rachel Castle // Castle and Things September 02 2016, 0 Comments

Say hello to the queen of colour and fun RACHEL CASTLE. We have been lucky enough to collaborate with this talented creative for our latest collection - aptly named CASTLE.

She’s taken a break from her sea of colour to share with us how she came to be the success she is today, as well as give you her tips for adding colour to your home and spill on who inspires her, how she works and more. 

Rachel Castle

Photo: Julie Adams

Where did you grow up?

Country Victoria in a little town called Sale.  I had a fun childhood, lots of good friends and family, but I couldn’t wait to hit the big smoke!

What path lead you to where you are today? 

I spent the first 15 years of my working career in branding.  My first job was at Country Road in the marketing department, and from there I moved to the UK and worked at The Conran Shop, organising all the catalogue shoots, working on all the various Conran brands.  We then started an agency called The Nest and developed projects for various companies, including Michelin, Lancome, and British Airways.  Although I was always involved in the direction of product and creative, I wasn’t the one actually creating the imagery.  I loved my job and didn’t really feel any need to change direction.  I hadn’t developed my own aesthetic, was rather developing aesthetics for the companies we worked with.  

It wasn't until I had my children and moved back to Australia and found myself at home alone with a very real urge to just ‘make things’.  I fiddled around with embroidery, did a screen printing class at TAFE, started painting and finally when I had the space to do my own thing, discovered I had quite a lot to say and do. There was never a grand plan, never a plan of any kind at all really!

I just started making things, had a little website made, drew up some bedlinen designs on a very rusty old version of Quark (what a dinosaur!) and had them made locally in Melbourne. I guess I had a LOT of experience in how to create a brand, and had to just let the creative process develop with a little bit of space, no timelines, no briefs, just making things for friends and family, and then eventually popping them online for sale to the general public.

Rachel Castle

How would you describe your creative process – from the beginning of a design to finish product? 

Messy.  Just a flurry of activity and before I even know it Im near the end, its never planned or mapped out.

Your work is just plain fun – where or who inspires you? 

Pop culture is my biggest inspiration for sure. I think because I spent the majority of my working life developing visuals for others, my own aesthetic had laid dormant since my teenage years. I grew up in a very small country town and I was always trying to get my hands on anything from the big smoke. In my day there was no internet, the only way to access the outside world was via music and tv. So Boy George, Countdown, Dolly magazine, all the fluro, spots, pop songs, pom poms, all my teenage eighties influences just came rolling out in a very organic way when I finally started creating my own little things. Because at that point everything I made was for myself I was completely free to just choose what I liked, what I wanted, what resonated with me. I discovered pretty quickly that everything I made needed to have a bit of wink to it, if it wasn't having fun then it went in the bin!

You are great with colour – lots of people aren’t - what advice do you have for people wanting to add colour to their home?

Be intuitive, pick the colours you love even if they're not in fashion. Your home is about what makes YOU happy.

What is your most treasured piece of art in your home?

An artwork by a dear friend Cameron Fraser which was given to us as a wedding present by my husbands parents. It will always be pride of place in our home.

What is your favourite thing you have created?

Some of the paintings are my favourite pieces, and I have to say a good pillowcase combination still makes me go weak at the knees!

Rachel Castle

Do you have a favourite interior design style?

Not really, but there are two essentials for me.  Books, lots of them and plants, green ones.

Where is your favourite place to travel?

I just couldn’t say, we’ve had too many good holidays. I married my husband because he was holiday man, always planning the next holiday, the next crazy destination. He gives me my passport and tells me where we’re going and I follow. The one constant for me Id have to say is our summer Mollymook holiday, all our friends go, all the teenagers go, two weeks every summer.


Thanks so much Rachel! 

View all the wonderful pieces as part of our latest CASTLE x NJ collection - we have created bedrooms for teens and bedrooms for babies and toddlers

You can visit Rachel Castle's Castle and Things website for more of her work. 

MEET THE MAKER: ROBBIE // SANDS MADE July 21 2016, 1 Comment

Meet Robbie Sands the man behind the beautiful timber home accessories created by Sands Made in Melbourne.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background…

Robbie Sands Made Timber Home Accessories
Photo credit: Sean Fennessy of The Design Files

Where are you based?

We have a workshop north of Melbourne in Coburg.

Where did you grow up?

Richmond, right near the MCG.

Did you always know you were going to do product design or design some sort … what path lead you to where you are today?

I’ve worked in design since high school, mostly in graphic and web design in my younger years. I soon moved into usability design for web applications and websites which was a fantastic insight into how people perceived the function of an object.

I’ve always appreciated simple handheld functional objects and started working on my own range.

My first plans were very simple, but very hard to produce, the main challenge quickly became the improving the manufacturing quality in order to achieve simple forms. By improving the manufacturing quality we started to simplify and remove unnecessary weight and details. Today our home accessories cater for many different uses, but the entire range remains highly functional and very simple.

Robbie Sands Made Timber Home Accessories


What appealed to you about working with timber?

My father is a furniture maker, so growing up around timber led me to appreciate it as a construction medium. Timber is far more durable than artificial materials when used as a kitchen working surface. If made from a good quality timber, a well made wooden cutting board can last well over 100 years. Many butchers will pass down the same wooden chopping block from generation to generation. This type of long-term durability is something I love in a product which is what led me to using timber. It also looks beautiful and makes every product unique.

How would you describe your creative process – from the beginnings of a design to finish product?

Most of the products in the range start with a real world requirement. I talk with chefs and wait staff to find out what they’d like in a product and work from there. Weight, size and small details are very important when handling products every day. I find many of these same requirements cross over into home use.

 Aston Accessories Sands Made


How did you end up starting Sands Made? Do you have a team or is it mainly you at the helm?

I started Sands Made after a 7 year stint working in design in Tokyo, Japan. I’d had enough of office style work and committed myself to starting my own business. Product design and manufacturing is a tough market to enter, the competition is very tough, especially on price. My initial plan was simple, make a more attractive, higher quality product than the competition and let the customer decide. When I started out, I was making everything in our workshop in Northcote. Over the last few years we’ve shifted the manufacturing of our products to other workshops in Japan, Indonesia & Australia, as a result our small team has grown and evolved from a manufacturing team to a planning, design and customer service team.

 Robbie Sands Made Timber Home Accessories


ASTON Sands Made Stacking Bowl


What and/or who inspires you and your work?

I’ve always admired the work of modern Danish designers such as Hans Wegner who were able to create purely functional objects which still held an iconic style. I also enjoy the engineering marvels found in hospitals around the world. Small products such as clamps, syringes & drippers are made to save peoples lives, but are produced with absolute precision and on such a tight budget. Months of work goes into the most mundane details, I find it fascinating to reverse-engineer why a feature has been added or removed from one of these super efficient medical products.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Work fluctuates greatly depending on the season. A great deal of work goes into planning and developing products for our two product releases each year. This usually involves a lot of designing of parts, packaging, catalogues and photography, as well as a lot of emails. Christmas is a big time of year for retail so managing orders, packing boxes, organising and sending stock occupies most of the day.

Most days contain - managing outgoing orders, planning/designing new products, improving existing products, managing incoming orders, drinking coffee.

What other creative/artists/designers are you into at the moment?

I’m really liking the work of the pianist Nils Frahm at the moment, he’s a fantastic composer and musician and really captures the moment when playing live.

I love the paper and graphic design by Takeo Paper company in Japan, their mix of print and paper is stunning.

Where is your favourite place to travel?

I travel to Japan at least once every year. It’s easily the most interesting country I’ve ever traveled in. A short trip on the train and everything changes (weather, food, local customs). More than 70% of Japan is rugged and mountainous, making each trip into the mountains an adventure.

Where would we find you on any given Saturday morning?

Saturday morning I usually brew beer, the morning is usually spent writing a recipe, crushing grain and cleaning equipment. The water is usually hot by midday when the mash (steeping crushed grain in hot water) begins!


 Aston Home Accessories


Thanks so much to Robbie for sharing his story with us.

Visit Sands Made to view his full range and see how we have styled his beautiful timber home accessories.


Today we launch our latest collection, ASTON, and he's very dapper indeed.

Imagine you're on summer holidays, cruising top down in an Aston Martin (the roof kind of top ... or your top, it's summer in your imagination after all and we're not judging), next to a 1950s Paul Newman, free on the open road.

Nathan + Jac Aston Living Room


Aston helps bring your classy adventure home with you with a sophisticated blend of masculine clean lines, a black and white base, a breezy palette of sky blues and denim, and warm and worn natural accents of timber and leather.

Aston is that well-dressed man (or woman) on your shoulder reminding you that travel feeds the soul.

This curated collection features a Living Room Pack, a Dining Room Pack, several Accessory Packs, new artwork, homewares and our new range of cushions.

Aston Quote | Let's Just Go


The best place to start is with artwork.

‘Newman’ by self-taught Melbourne artist Adoni Astrinakis is in-your-face-sexy. With a super limited run of prints from his original painting, Adoni’s iconic black and white pieces command a room.

Newman by Adoni Astrinakis


Armelle Habib's 'Route 66’ will remind you of your travels, sun drenched and dripping in adventure. If this image doesn’t make you run for your passport then we don't know what will.

Nathan + Jac Route 66 Armelle


The next easiest way to add a well-travelled gentleman into your living room is with cushions. Everybody needs cushions, even if the 'gentleman' in your life doesn't agree - they just don't get it. Cushions add comfort, they look great and they allow you to create a small table on your lap when you eat on the couch (which is only on special occasions ... right? Wrong!).

The tribal patterns and textural elements of our latest Melbourne-made range warm the home with soft leathers and sky blue tones.

Shop the full ASTON range.

If you would like advice on how to style any of these pieces in your home, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Nathan + Jac full room and accessory packs are designed to take the hard work out of sourcing a whole look, as we've done it all for you. Months and months of planning, sourcing, sampling and styling go into each and every piece so that you can buy a professionally styled look without the designer price tag.
The ASTON Collection has been curated by Nathan + Jac and styled in collaboration with Simone Haag, photography by Annette O’Brien. Accessory packs shot by Alex Reinders.




AVANI draws inspiration from our connection with nature and the environment around us. Our latest collection is aimed at a relaxed and understated look for winter, that will appeal to both guys and girls.

“No more girly cushions, art or trinkets!"... we hear you fellas, we hear you. 

AVANI’s earthy palette is inspired by nature; with tones of sage, forest, washed bronze, black, moss, seafoam, navy taupe and washed charcoal. Soft textual elements are washed, worn or raw, with polished accents in black for bold and contemporary contrast.

Nathan + Jac Avani Winter Living Room


This collection includes beautiful wild and woolly photography, black and neutral accessories, earthy coloured cushions and throws, and timber and steel furniture.

Perfect pieces to help you achieve a natural feel in your home for winter ... if we don't say so ourselves!

Nathan + Jac Winter Natural Cushions

The AVANI cushions are perfect for a grey or dark leather couch - adding a moody depth that is neither feminine or masculine. If you have existing neutral or even gold metallic accents in your current living space, these cushions will help add needed depth and contrast.

Nathan + Jac Natural Palette Cushion Stack


Artworks within this range and edgy and raw, with the ocean, animals and rugged landscapes the overarching theme. Incorporating this style of art within a room will help give your winter room a soft natural edge.

Nathan + Jac Art Crashing Waves Kevin Russ


If you need some simple relaxed accessories to go with your natural palette - our AVANI accessory packs will help update your home with a bright, relaxed, getaway feeling.

Nathan + Jac AVANI Vases

Nathan + Jac Avani Marble and Timber Accessories


Shop the full AVANI range.

If you would like advice on how to style any of these pieces in your home, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Nathan + Jac full room and accessory packs are designed to take the hard work out of sourcing a whole look, as we've done it all for you. Months and months of planning, sourcing, sampling and styling go into each and every piece so that you can buy a professionally styled look without the designer price tag.
The AVANI Collection has been curated by Nathan + Jac and styled in collaboration with Simone Haag, photography by Annette O’Brien. Accessory packs shot by Alex Reinders.

MEET THE MAKER: MINH T // THIS MINTY MOMENT April 06 2016, 2 Comments

Today we caught up with Los Angeles based photographer and graphic designer Minh T, also known to his 80K+ Instagram followers as This Minty Moment.

Weekend By The Edge Of The Ocean by Minh T @thismintymoment

Minh's minimalist aesthetic is, for lack of a better word, mesmerising! His Instagram account literally stopped our Insta-stalk dead in its tracks! We were immediately lost in his feed, stuck in a vortex of visual stimulation! We were instant fans and decided that we had to work with Minh for our next collection! 

LA based Photographer Minh T @thismintymoment

The way Minh embraces simplicity in such an original way is inspiring. The pattern play of architectural lines, his escapist landscapes and skyscapes, the Californian desert motifs and his strong grasp on the play of light and shade creates a visual tapestry of gems.

No Straight Lines Here by Minh T @thismintymoment

For our latest collection, FREYA, Minh's Pink Cloud print was the perfect anchor of escapism for Bedroom Pack I, and clean lines of the Hide & Seek print for the Living Room Pack provided just the right amount of contemporary edge and wanderlust. Art always plays an important, if not the most significant, basis for curating every collection, and Minh's work was integral to capturing the escapist and dreamy look of FREYA.

FREYA Bedroom Pack I, featuring the Pink Cloud print by Minh T, an Australian exclusive to Nathan + Jac.


I have always been a creative soul, for as long as I can remember. Growing up I loved to draw, paint and take photos. I tried to fight off my creative urges and got "practical" college degrees in engineering and architecture. However, in the end, my creative destiny was inevitable as I ended up building a career in a design after all. I currently have my own graphic design studio catering to the luxury lifestyle market, primarily for fashion and interior design clients.

Mejico Moderno by Minh T @thismintymoment


I have always taken photos as a hobby but everything changed with Instagram. I opened a personal account about two years ago, just to post photos of my daily life and to follow friends and family. At the same time, I created a second account under the alias @thismintymoment. (Minh T is my name, thus "minty"). I didn't tell anyone about this account, so being anonymous I felt free to just create without any perceived judgment. For This Minty Moment I wanted to create a fantasy world of intriguing places, of light and air, of beauty and purity. 

Rhythm Nation by Minh T @thismintymoment


I'm inspired by the possibility of something that is mundane and neglected, but somehow shows its true beauty through a different perspective. The bulk of my work is to discover new photography locations that have not been used extensively. So I love to drive around the city and try to find buildings and spots that have been forgotten or neglected. I love finding that diamond in the rough, just waiting to be discovered.

Hide & Seek by Minh T @thismintymoment


My signature style is about purity, contemplation, and timelessness. Once you distill a scene to its own essential elements, you can find its beauty in light, geometry or mood. I love the idea of creating an image that could belong in the future, or the past.

A Geometric Encounter by Minh T @thismintymoment


Pink Cloud was one of those unplanned fleeting moments that I was not prepared for. While on an early evening walk, I noticed this vibrant sunset and immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting. Only minutes later, the cloud had moved away and the sky darkened. I love how that captured moment now lives on in a life of its own in a photograph.

I'm often inspired by architecture and I often look for buildings that are either unvalued or ignored. Hide and Seek was taken at such a location. I also love to incorporate a human component into my architectural images. Not only to give a sense of scale but to also add an element that tells a story and completes the image.

Hide & Seek by Minh T, an Australian exclusive to Nathan + Jac, featured here in the Freya Living Room Pack.


I think artwork can elevate any space and provide that extra dimension of mood and poetry to a room. Artwork can provide an instant colour palette and help a room appear finished. However, what matters most is that the art should have a personal connection with its owner because the life of the artwork can last beyond interior design trends of the moment.

Plus One by Minh T @thismintymoment


I love to travel and experience new places around the world. Although I often realise that my favorite place is at home, relaxing with my partner and my two dogs on the patio. We live in Southern California where the weather is always warm and we can pretty much live outdoors. 

Nature Bedazzled by Minh T @thismintymoment


I'm planning to make photography a prominent part of my work, eventually doing that full time. I am thrilled that my work is now available to a larger audience online and I hope that will continue to grow in the future. On the personal side, I am planning more travels. Upcoming trips include Spain, Italy, and the UK. Perhaps Asia, Australia or Morocco might be next! 

Seeking Shadows by Minh T @thismintymoment
Tropicalia Vibes by Minh T @thismintymoment
All images used with permission from Minh T. All images copyright Minh T @thismintymoment.

GET THE FREYA LOOK AT HOME March 10 2016, 0 Comments

Today we launch FREYA, our latest curated collection. FREYA is for the modern day dreamer. Inspired by the Scandinavian goddess of love, fertility and beauty, this look is about creating a sanctuary of escapism.

FREYA Inspiration: escapism | Image credits | top left: The Stylish Gypsy | bottom left: Lisbon by Daniel Farò | right: Pink Cloud by This Minty Moment
There are three key elements to achieving the FREYA look at home; colour, layering and texture.

FREYA's signature colour palette is floaty and soft; dusty pastels, sky blues, foamy ocean hues, dove greys and neutrals combine to create an airy romance. However, don't be shy to add black and charcoal accents to this look for a bit of edgy contrast, particularly if you're other half isn't too keen on the soft romantic look.

Light timbers, such as oak and ply, work really well with this colour palette, as do materials such as marble, leather and concrete.

FREYA Living Room Pack by Nathan + Jac

For wall colour we used Greyology 4 by Haymes Paint, such a versatile colour that will go with almost any interior! For a splash of warmth we used Everlasting by Haymes Paint on our feature wood panelled wall. Dewy and feminine, Everlasting goes beautifully with blues, greys, greens and neutrals.


Layering is key in creating a cosy look, particularly when it comes to the bedroom! Seeing as we spend half our lives in this space, it is vital to create a haven you actually want to escape to each night.

For beds we just can't go past linen! It's so popular now and really allows you to nail that undone, layered look. Our go-to linen brand is Major Minor for their relaxed vibe, gorgeous colour range and premium quality Belgian linen. We sell each piece individually, including pillowcases, which allows you to mix and match your linen without any restriction (hint: this also helps on washing day).

FREYA Bedroom Pack I by Nathan + Jac
Style tip: when looking for the bedroom appropriate artwork remember that it should make you feel calm and restful. It shouldn't feel cold or unsettling. We are loving photographic art of clouds and seascapes or woven wall hangings for bedrooms at the moment.

Layering different textural elements in a space will provide visual stimulation and add to your comfort levels! Wool rugs not only look great but they feel amazing underfoot. You want materials that are irresistible to touch. Add a floor cushion and you're set for a night in with Netflix.

Design details: exposed brass zips and quilted stitching | FREYA Cushions, 100% made in Melbourne by Nathan + Jac

We've used a lot of beautiful padded and quilted fabrics in our new cushion range and on our new Freya upholstered bedhead. This fabric is so luxe and plush! Design details such as exposed brass zips, pinch seam edging, piping and stitching all enhance the luxurious textural feel, and of course plush feather inserts allow you to achieve the right cushion shape. You'd be surprised at how much more expensive a cushion can look just by swapping your old fibre insert with feather! Can I say "luxe" one more time?

One of our favourite pieces from this collection is the blush Icelandic sheepskin from Society of Wanderers. As strange as it sounds, they even smell amazing! Layering skins on the floor or bed, or draped over a bench or armchair, in our opinion is a style must ;)

FREYA Cushions, 100% made in Melbourne by Nathan + Jac

Raw, washed or overdyed fabrics are also really popular and have a beautiful aged patina, full of character and depth. The new linen slip cover Vittoria Sofa Chair (yep a sofa chair - bet you've never heard of one of those before) by Globe West is the ultimate love seat, it's so wide and inviting, it's impossible to get up. We imagine it as the perfect way to recline on a Sunday morning, lazily scrolling your Instagram feed.

FREYA Accessory Pack 1 by Nathan + Jac

And there you have it, FREYA, our new curated collection for 2016! We hope you love her as much as we've enjoyed putting her together for you.

We have more FREYA pieces and packs coming over the next few weeks and more brand new collections dropping too, so if you want to stay in the loop on new product launches, promotions or subscriber exclusives, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter (take a look below in our footer to sign up).


Bec, Tam & Jac xo

FREYA Inspiration: for the modern day dreamer | Image credits | Left: For Love & Lemons | Right: Photographer/stylist Line Kay.
Nathan + Jac full room and accessory packs are designed to take the hard work out of sourcing a whole look, as we've done it all for you. Months and months of planning, sourcing, sampling and styling go into each and every piece so that you can buy a professionally styled look without the designer price tag.
The FREYA Collection has been curated by Nathan + Jac and styled in collaboration with Simone Haag, photography by Annette O’Brien.