Although this may certainly divide opinion, we will see the move towards more family time over tech time in living spaces. With an ever-increasing amount of time spent in front of a computer or smartphone screen during the day and the borders blur between work and home life, there will be a greater desire to create spaces in our lives devoid of digital distraction. This may not mean listing the 65” flat screen on Gumtree, but we will seek to create havens of calm and tranquility, whether it’s a bedroom or a nook we can escape to, even if it is to lazily scroll our Instagram feeds in peace.

Relaxed, deep sofas with linen slip covers, oversized love seats, day beds, Icelandic sheepskins, chunky knit wool rugs, layering and floor cushions will provide comfortable areas to retreat to.

Nordic connection. On the same vein as the above point, the need to connect with our surroundings and with our natural environment become increasingly important as we become even more technically engaged. We will continue to draw inspiration from the Scandinavians and the importance of connecting with nature and the environment. Blonde timbers, raw materials, natural leathers and hides, aquatic and botanical motifs, scenic photography (think landscapes, mountain ranges, skies and clouds) and an abundance of natural light will continue in popularity. Indoor plants have been on the rise for a number of years now, but will continue to be of importance in our homes as a way of bringing life and connection from the outside world inside.

Washed linen. For the bedroom, linen will continue to dominate in 2017. Reflective in a relaxed colour palette, layers of washed out grey, seafoam and ocean tones, peaches and pale pinks, moss greens and icy blue and neutrals will combine to create a casual and authentic feeling for bedding.

Creating a well travelled look. We are bombarded everyday with images of artisan finds from all over the world, whether it’s tassels, macramé, basketry, or woven wall hangings, we will continue to source globally crafted goods in 2017. Whether it’s a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket, hand-knotted basket, Ethiopian cross or inlaid mother of pearl chest of drawers. An emphasis on authenticity and the desire to understand the story of origin of these goods will also be of equal importance.

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