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Admit it, you love to be a bit nosey! We all love to know what’s going on behind the online store and the Instagram page –so our team members Jac and Bec are giving us the low-down! Read on below as Jac and Bec share their top tips on styling, inspiration behind the new ranges, what their favourite Nathan + Jac piece of all-time is and a whole lot more.

Nathan + Jac founders L-R: Bec, Tammy and Jac

What’s your ride or die styling tip?

Jac: Choose your artwork first! It’s what makes a room and you’ll find it a lot easier for the rest to fall into place once its sitting pretty on the wall.

Bec: Don’t worry about what’s on trend or what the new must-have item is, decorate with things that you love. You’re the one who’s going to live in the space, so make it your own with pieces that resonate with your style!

What advice would you give someone who is wanting to go outside their styling comfort zone?

J: Don’t be afraid to layer your room up! A combination of textures, colours and finishes is always a little out of the ordinary but it will help create a lived-in space and it’s a great way to add your own personal touch.

B: Just be brave! Don’t over think it and give it a try – what’s the worst that could happen?

If you’re trying something new and you’re a little nervous, perhaps start with smaller pieces that are easy and affordable to mix up down the track if you find it’s not working.

Sandstorm Bedroom Pack, SS18. Curated by Nathan + Jac, styled with Simone Haag, photography by Eve Wilson

Which N+J collection would you say describes your personal styling best?

J: The Cumulus collection for sure! I am c-raaaaazay for anything green and plants, plants plants!

The combo of tan leather, grass green quilted fabric and photographic artwork is exactly what makes my heart tingle. It’s also exactly what you’ll find in my home!

B: Oh, god that is such a tough call! Probably a blend between Monochrome (from our first collections in 2015), Freya (from AW2016) and Cumulus and Provocateur (both AW2017).

Doesn’t really narrow it down, does it haha? The three of us bring a different flavour to each collection we curate so, I would say there are elements of our own style in anything we do!

Where do you get your interior inspo from?

J: I’m a sucker for trawling Pinterest for international designers and architects, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure.

I also more often than not find myself 3 years deep on Instagram scrolling through artists and their works.

B: I literally get inspiration from everything in my life. From the people I’m surrounded by, the adventures I go on, the books I read, the films I watch, the music I listen to.

I’m a total history nerd. I love anything with a rich past or an interesting story to tell, so history and travel have always had a huge influence on my style.

What is your all-time favourite N+J piece?

J: Its way too hard to choose… that’s like choosing your favourite child! But I always go gaa-gaa for our N+J cushions. At the moment, my top 3 favourites are: Jett, Dominique and Cumulus.

B: It has to be our artwork! Artwork is usually what informs the whole tone of a collection.

We work hard to curate a really solid portfolio of artists and photographers. If I had to choose a specific piece, it would have to be the Lips series by Montreal photographer Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev that we used in Provocateur.

That brash, in-your-face style of artwork really resonates with me because it’s hard to ignore and hard to forget. 

Out of the new collections, which is your favourite?

J: Casablanca is such a bold and sophisticated look. The deep pine wall and millennial pink bubble sofa are hard not to love!

B: Again, way too hard to choose between the two! Sandstorm Bedroom and Casablanca Living Room packs are my equal favourites.

I love the boldness of Casablanca, that pine green wall with the bubble pink sofa, and the soft tonal layers of Sandstorm that make me feel really calm and dreamy.

Living Room Pack, SS18. Curated by Nathan + Jac, styled with Simone Haag, photography by Eve Wilson

What was your inspiration behind the new collections?

J: The Sandstorm collection was largely inspired by the Sahara Desert and the Casablanca collection by Marrakech.

It’s really interesting to see how our collections evolve over the few months of selecting and sourcing and comparing from where they first begun to how they end up – you’d never think they were from the same collection!

B: With Casablanca, we really wanted to do something a little more daring that wasn’t your usual ‘light and bright’ summer palette. Georgina Skinner’s photographs from Morocco served as inspiration for both collections.

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