How to make the bed like an interior designer

Ahhh making the bed. A common and simple household chore that for many of us begins in childhood, perhaps for pocket money, perhaps as a first taste of habitual discipline. Either way, in adulthood there are usually two camps of people. Those that do, and those that don’t.


According to Wikipedia, bed-making “is the act of arranging the bedsheets and other bedding on a bed, to prepare it for use.”


This is technically what bed-making is by definition, but is this really why we make the bed; to prepare it for use? Those in the ‘Don’t’ camp, could argue the efficiency, or even the point of making something, that’s only to be messed up again several hours later.


But those of us in the “Do” camp, recognise something deeper in this daily habit. Those few brief minutes in the morning can be our clean slate to set us up for a productive day.


According to Sarah Vanbuskirk of Verywell Mind, the morning ritual of making the bed “is about setting an intention to do the little things that bring about an orderly, thoughtful, responsible, balanced, or successful life. In addition to providing a quick sense of daily accomplishment, some people find making the bed calming as well.”


Everyone has time to make a bed. It literally takes a couple of minutes. You don’t have to go all military on it with hospital corners, but by simply shaking out creases, straightening sheets, re-fluffing pillows and removing any clothing or books from the bed, these small acts can have profound benefits on our psyche. Regularly (at least once a week) cleaned sheets and comfortable, good quality bedding are also attributed to a good night's sleep and given we spend a third of our life amongst them, it’s a no brainer to treat yourself here.


So how do you take this important ritual to the next level? As the title of this blog post suggests, how do you master the art of making a bed like an interior designer? 

One word: LAYERING.

Layering is interior design speak for “make it interesting”. When it comes to creating a cozy, multi-dimension look, the layering of elements (textures, dimensions, colours, etc) are essential!

While many question the purpose of a flat sheet, designers will usually stand united on its necessity in successful ‘layering’. A bedspread, throw or blanket also brings in another layer. A fluffy cat on the foot of a bed can also look tres chic ;)


When it comes to scatter cushions, this is where some can get unstuck. When in doubt, we like to play by the 2 or 3 rule of thumb. Either 2 large euros (60cm cushions) as a pair, sat atop your regular pillows, or a cluster of 3 cushions of varying sizes (60cm + 50cm + a lumbar or round cushion). Playing with textures and materials ensures your designer cred; we obviously love silk velvet, leather or linen, but for something fun we’ve also added some textured styles like fuzzy shearling or boucle.


Remember, the most important part of making the bed is to actually make the bed, the rest is fun! Add your own sense of personality to your bedroom, mix it up from time to time - play with colour, add or subtract elements from time to time, see what works best for you. Making the bed is about finding what works on a practical level of comfort and what makes you feel good from an aesthetical point of view.


Good night, sleep tight xo

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