Today we chat with Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan, the incredible IVY MUSE duo behind the Nest and Classic Plant Stands from our latest Westwood and Summer collections.

With a shared passion for all things green, Jacqui and Alana have cleverly combated the limitations of inner-city outdoor space with a collection of beautiful, functional botanical wares. Their stunning locally made plant stands satisfy those retro-inspired trends that are shifting plush plant life from outside to inside. We caught up with the talented twosome to find out a little more about their business that so beautifully blends creativity and greenery.

Photo credit: Annette O’Brien | Styling: Alana Langan

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your collaboration?

Jacqui: I’m Jacqui Vidal, founder of Signed and Numbered, we sell limited edition prints from emerging and established artists based in Australia and overseas. We have two shops; one in Greville Street, Prahran and another in Degraves Street, Melbourne.

Alana: I’m a freelance interiors stylist and founder of Hunt & Bow.

What lead you to create IVY MUSE?

Alana: Jacqui and I had been knocking about ideas to collaborate together for a while. When we came up with the idea for IVY MUSE last year, it just clicked for both of us. We’re both a little green-thumbed and at the time were both facing limitations on outdoor space in our homes, so we were both keen on the idea of getting creative with bringing greenery indoors.

Photo credit: Annette O’Brien | Styling: Alana Langan

What does the Ivy Muse brand embody?

Jacqui: Ivy Muse is all about beautiful, functional plant stands and botanical wares that help encourage people to get creative with their greenery. ​Our products are designed to allow maximum flexibility in the many ways they can house plants and are suitable for a variety of pot sizes and shapes, so there’s no hard and fast rules about what suits them.

Photo credit: Annette O’Brien | Styling: Alana Langan

 Where do you find design inspiration?

Alana: Jacqui and I are self-taught designers; we’ve designed products we’d love to own ourselves, with an overarching mission to produce beautiful, functional pieces. We always have ideas knocking about in our heads, we’re inspired by anything and everything from other Australian designers to plants themselves!

What are your favourite types of plants to pair with your beautiful stands?

Jacqui: We love ALL greenery but we do have a soft spot for hanging plants like ‘Hoyas’ and ‘Devil’s Ivy’, which look great with our taller stands like ‘Harlequin’ or ‘Daisy.’ At the moment we’re loving the tropical vibe of ‘Spath Sensation’ atop our shorter stands like ‘Chameleon’ or ‘Button’. We’re really all about encouraging people to get creative with their greenery and love seeing what our customers come up with on Instagram!

Photo credits: Annette O’Brien | Styling: Alana Langan

What are the benefits of styling greenery into the home?

Alana: Apart from the obvious fact that greenery is beautiful and can make a home look amazing, studies have shown plants can offer us so many benefits, including cleaner air and decreased stress levels. Plus they can also help boost our creativity and memory retention; and if that wasn’t all, plants make people happy!

How do you manage juggling multiple successful businesses?

Alana: Both Jacqui and I are Mums and have other businesses so there is definitely a lot of juggling going on between us! Luckily we’re both able to be quite flexible with our work hours and we do have support from a great team – as well as our families.

Photo credit: Nathan + Jac | Summer styling featuring the Nest Plant Stand

What’s on the cards for Ivy Muse in the next 12 months?

Alana: This Spring has been really exciting for Ivy Muse. We launched our third collection of botanical wares ‘CALYPSO’, opened our very first retail store in Melbourne’s Greville Street, plus today launched our petite table top stand ‘NEST’! We’ve already started planning our fourth collection of botanical wares which will launch early next year and we’ve got a few exciting collaborations in the pipeline. The year ahead is definitely going to be a big one!

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