Meet Stacey Hunter, the clever creative behind Australian homewares brand Sit-Ka. 

“All of my products are made by hand, my client’s know they are getting something unique and custom made for them to enjoy.” 

Where are you based? I live in Point Lonsdale, a beautiful costal town an hour and a half out of Melbourne.

Where did you grow up? Geelong, Victoria

What path lead you to where you are today? I have always worked within the fashion industry. But after 7 years travelling I needed a break so I resigned and took time out to figure out what I wanted to do. I felt I needed to create something that was Australian made that offered my sense of style and that was a quality product.

I have always loved interiors so I thought it would be a new chapter where I could put my design degree to use but with furniture instead of fashion… and SIT-KA was born in 2015.

What appealed to you about working with and designing luxury homewares? I wanted to create something unique that offered style and a sense of luxury into the home. I know the importance of quality and supporting local business, by producing an Australian made label it allowed me to work closely with my suppliers and be involved in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process.

SIT-KA is not for everyone and it was never designed to be a main street label. I work closely with my clients and stockists to create unique pieces that compliment a space. My clients understand that all of my products are made by hand therefore they are getting something unique and custom made for them to enjoy.

How would you describe your creative process – from the beginning of a design to finish product? I have two sides to the business, one is the wholesale concept and the collections I design for my stockists and the other is working with stylists, clients and architects to create one off custom pieces for a unique space.

Both elements involve researching new materials, colour trends. I am all about the hand feel of a product, so I will spend hours/days researching new fabrics for clients and collections before I begin the design process. I’m very visual, so I don’t have to sketch a design, as I can see it in my head. My fiancé hates this he needs to see everything on paper to know what I’m talking about – haha.

With all of my collections I try to design pieces that are not made just for one space. I see bespoke furniture as an investment so I want my clients to be able to have choice when it comes to our SIT-KA products.

Just like our daybed most of my clients buy them with the intention for it to be displayed at the end of a bed, but they have the choice of moving it to an entrance, living, dining space or a nursery.

With SIT-KA I have found I have a lot of repeat customers, so when designing a new range I make sure that will compliment the collection prior.

Furniture is like fashion, if you invest in the right pieces it wont go out of season.

What and/or who inspires you and your work? My clients, I actually love my job and all the amazing people I get to work with. They allow me to see a space and create something just for them. They trust me and that inspires me.

What does a typical day look like for you? Depends on the day of the week – haha. Monday and a Tuesday I’m usually catching up on emails, speaking to stockists and clients discussing new projects and producing orders. And Wednesday to Sunday I am working in my new store SUKii in Queenscliff. Between chatting to my beautiful customers I am designing new products, researching, ordering stock for the shop, speaking to stylists, shipping orders and the list goes on.

Every Sunday my partner and I have breakfast at Piknic before I head off to work and then we do it all over again next week.

What other creative/artists/designers are you into at the moment? Anna Bulow is one of my favourite artists. I have just received her artwork for my birthday so I can’t wait to get them framed. Viktoria and Woods, one of my favourite fashion designer labels and Bek Shepard and Nicole Rosenberg are creative stylist that I admire.

What is your top tip for styling your home? Do you have a particular style you go for? Or places you always look for new items? My top tip would be invest in art and furniture. These key pieces don’t need to change every season so spend a little more for on comfort and let the artwork be the statement piece in the room.

SIT-KA pretty much sums up my style, and if you visit SUKii you will see this even more in fashion and my style of homewares. My style has a minimalistic feel with a touch of blush. I like soft tones and timber detail.

I would love to say I get out to new places and look for new items for the home, but currently I feel the only shop I am in is my own!

Where is your favourite place to travel? I love Bright in Victoria, and Tokoriki in Fiji- a perfect place to switch off.

Where would we find you on any given Saturday morning? After a coffee from my local you will find me working at SUKii all day

Follow SIT-KA on Instagram or visit her store at 47 King Street Queenscliff, Victoria


47 KING STREET QUEENSCLIFF VIC PH: 0455 552 909 . OPEN FRI – SAT 10-5:30 : SUN 11-4

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