Introducing the kings of candles; Christian Munari and Chris Cacoyiannis of Wax Muse. Based in Melbourne, their boutique brand is one of our favourites, and we were lucky enough to collaborate with them to develop a range of scented candles exclusively for Nathan + Jac.

How did Wax Muse get started? 

Wax Muse started out as a hobby at home because we were tired of bringing home soy candles that would smell beautiful at the shops, but once lit would have no smell at all. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a beautifully designed and perfumed candle that doesn’t smell. As a result we began researching candle making processes and sourcing high quality ingredients to produce our own 100% soy candles,that actually smell! Eventually we were so pleased with the candles we were creating, that we decided to share our range.

What is the inspiration behind the scents you create and your range?

Our scents are all inspired by nature and designed to evoke different moods, tones and vibes. For example, TROPICA has an exciting summer feel with notes of coconut, lime and bergamot. PHARAOH has deep sophisticated notes of amber, with rich woody sandalwood and elegant jasmine – when you release a fragrance like that into your home it instantly establishes a new mood, perhaps one of sophistication or elusiveness. Fragrances are incredibly subjective, so really your imagination is the only barrier to how transcendent a scent can be. We currently have five scents in our range and an extra two exclusively through Nathan + Jac.

You created two special scents just for us (which we LOVE), what is it about these that go so well with the Nathan + Jac Cumulus and Provocateur collections?

Working with Nathan + Jac was such a dream collaboration. The vision for each of Nathan + Jac collection is so incredibly clear, so creating a scent for to match was a fun creative process. Our job was to create an aromatic representation to match the visual aesthetic of each collection. Cumulus represents bold adventures, green pastures and untouched beautiful landscapes, so the candle plays on these ideas with earthy tones like dry tobacco leaf and fresh hay, as well as honey, amber and rose. While Provocateur is sultry, luscious and rich with red wine tones, the candle draws inspiration from this with notes of musk, cedar, black liquorice, sweet almond and sandalwood. It’s such a sassy fragrance! We absolutely love both of these candles and burn them constantly at home.

And finally, give us five fast facts about you that we don’t know:

  1. Travel obsessed, but terrified of flying.
  2. Pop culture junkies.
  3. Red wine, red wine, red wine.
  4. We’re actually a couple and have been together for over 5 years now.
  5. Next steps for Wax Muse: essential oils and their aromatherapy benefits. We’re currently researching and testing, so stay tuned!

You can visit Wax Muse online, or shop their range and the Nathan + Jac collab here

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