The four accessories you need to have in your home

It’s no surprise that we adore home décor accessories. It’s the start of a new year which means that many of us are looking for a fresh start and what better place to refresh than your home! Here are four accessories we think are must haves for your home.

  1. Woven baskets

Woven textures are all the rage at the moment, from straw bags and hats to baskets and lanterns. We adore our ‘Water Hyacinth Basket Trio’ by Tribe Home. Coming in three different sizes, they’re perfect to scatter all over the house. Whether you put plants in them, or simply use them as a storage solution, these baskets will add a beautiful textural element to your home.

  1. Statement art

Bare walls? Never. Naked walls are not something we endorse. We’re all about wall art here, but we know that buying artworks can be incredibly intimidating so we’re here to help. We have some amazing choices available online. ‘A Raid Romance’ by Georgina Skinner is one of our favourites at the moment. Photographed in one of the most gorgeous places in the world – Marrakech – it will be the centerpiece of any room. Do your walls a favour…invest in some new artwork.

  1. Plants, plants, plants

We’re plant lovers here at Nathan & Jac. Cacti, devil’s ivy, peace lily, bonsai…give us all the plants please. They purify the air, reduce stress and look amazing, what’s not to love? Whilst we don’t sell the plants themselves, we do sell stunning pots to house them in! Our hero pot currently is the ‘Terrazzo Pot’ in snow. Terrazzo is making a huge comeback in the interior scene, featuring on ceilings, floors and in entryways.

  1. Cushions

Do we even need to talk about this one? Cushions are a given. They bring life to every room they inhabit. Living areas, bedrooms, and outdoors…wherever a cushion can fit, you will find a cushion. We’re a sucker for velvet at the moment. From greens, blues, reds or greys, we’ve got the right velvet cushion for you! We love the ‘Annabelle Round Velvet Cushion’ as it’s a stunning shade of green. One can never have too many cushions, right?


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