Beautiful homewares sourced locally and internationally by the stylists at Nathan + Jac. Home accessories can be purchased as part of pre-styled accessory packs or individually below.

Ready to browse the best range of homeware online you will find anywhere? You’ll find it right here at Nathan & Jac, the home of bespoke interior design packages and elegant homewares.

You may be wondering what the advantage is to buy homewares online. Quite simply, it is more convenient and practical to buy your homewares online, because you can browse our entire range from the comfort of your chair. Compare that to shopping in a store, and you can easily see why it’s better to shop for homewares online.

Now that we’ve told you why to shop with us, let’s tell you a bit more about what you can expect from us.

When you do your homewares shopping at Nathan & Jac, it’s very different from shopping at the average homewares store, whether online or offline. That’s because we are so much more than just a supplier of quality homewares.

Our team are not just merchants, they’re also qualified interior designers and stylists. That’s a big plus for you, because it means you have access to extra value at no extra cost.

Shopping at Nathan & Jac is like finding money you didn’t know you had. You get so much added value in every purchase, you will wonder how we can afford to be so generous.

Of course you are welcome to shop for your homewares item by item, but why would you want to when we’ve made it so easy to get that bespoke interior design look for an entire room in just a single click?

The expert interior designers and stylists at Nathan & Jac have included everything necessary for a complete room makeover, put together in a single package, to make it especially easy to get the look you want. Each of these packages is based on a unique interior design theme, and there is certain to be something in our collection to suit your tastes.

How to buy homewares online at Nathan & Jac

On our website, you will find listings of individual homeware items plus bundled collections of homeware items for entire room makeovers. 

The easiest way to shop is to select bundled packs and collections, because it saves you a lot of time and means you also are getting the benefit of qualified interior design insight for the perfect result.

If all you need is a single item, for example, to replace something that was lost or damaged, you might need to search a bit more patiently, but rest assured if it is a homewares product, you will find it on our site.

After finding the items you want, you can click on them to see more detailed information, and you will then have an option to add them to your virtual shopping cart. Repeat the process until you have all the items you want to buy for the moment, and then proceed to the checkout. When your shopping cart contains any items, the checkout button will always be visible.

When you are ready to checkout, you can simply fill in the details on the form and select a payment method. Once your payment is verified and authenticated, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Redesigning your home interior has never been easier, so don’t wait. Dive right in and start shopping with Nathan & Jac right now.

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