Who We Are

We believe decorating you home shouldn't be overcomplicated or full of fluff (unless we're talking feathers)!
Our philosophy is that great design lies in the details, the rest isn't rocket science. Invest in the best quality you can afford, in the piece that bring you supreme comfort and joy. We do what we do because we love it. Design matters. Quality matters. Sustainability matters.
These are the things that make us feel good and why we want to share Nathan+Jac with you.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a continually evolving source of inspiration that empowers you to elevate your home.

Through the final layer of decorating and with the right inspiration from us, our vision is that you'll have the confidence to create a home you love with a touch of Nathan + Jac’s every day luxury.

Value Statement

Our brand is anchored by our people, those that form part of the NJ team, external makers and our customers.
We value collaborative work environment that foster creativity and excellence. Undepinning all of this is our core value to achieve exceptional quality in the goods we producewith the lightest possible foot print on the planet.

We set ourselves a goal to be constantly educated on how to be better corporate citizens, be better employers, be better advocates for environmental change. We encourage conversation and feedback so we adjust our course to be more open and inclusive and so our actions always reflect who we say we are.

Our sustainability guarantee

We are consciously improving our business decisions towards a more sustainable future and have taken a number of steps to achieve this

We have eliminated all single use of plastic products from our office and warehouse environment. Providing water fountains for all our staff and contractors as well as full kitchen facilities to reduce paper and plastic waste.

We actively recycle our soft plastics and currently testing soft plastic that decompose within 12 months in general landfill.

All outgoing packaging has been converted to 100% biodegradable satchels or recyclable boxes, including packaging tape, shipping and all other consumables.

We do not mass produce rather we stock limited quantities of our products so as to reduce waste and the impact to the environment.

We produce sizes and shapes of our products to maximise yardage and reduce wastage.

Our customer dyed products use only water based dyes

80% of our products are currently Made in Australia reducing environmental impacts of long distance transport and shipping and ensure ethical work practices, fair wages and employee work standards are met, and never compromised.

We work with interior designers on commercial projects on a made to order basis also minimising waste.

We recycle any excess or old stock through our property styling business then donate to a number of charities, including a woman's refuge once the life cycle is complete.

All feathers found in our cushion inserts are natural duck feather and down 100% sourced through ethical Australian Farms and a bi product of the food supply chain.

Our outdoor cushion inserts are made from 100% recycled PET bottles