Our Story

Stylists, Tammy Nathan and Jac Zarkovic, are the mother and daughter duo behind Nathan + Jac. Founded in 2015 and underpinned by 25+ years combined experience in the design industry, they also run a leading interior and property styling company, Styling Properties.

We found, time and time again, the resounding cry for help from our clients was... “How do I make my house a home? But, a home that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine spread?

For us, designing comes second nature, curating fabulous homes is our bread and butter, but many were telling us they wanted to execute their own dream scheme. They just didn’t know how or where to begin.

We found that decorating solutions, particularly for the finishing touches, were either elitist and over-complicated, or poorly executed and uninspiring. So we set about empowering our clients to get that professionally styled look for themselves, by designing collections and products with an attainable touch of luxury.

With our background as interior and property stylists we are literally designing hundreds of homes every year, so our approach leverages this design expertise. When we’re curating a new collection or product, we’re looking at what’s going to work in the modern home. How prints can be incorporated, what fabrics will work best, and how to pull a look together for a cohesive style.

Our secret sauce is always in the details, but this final layering (design speak for ‘finishing touches’), is where most come unstuck. All that’s needed for a winning design scheme, are the proper tools (ahem, cushions) and a little nudge in the right direction from the professionals...

With this idea, Nathan+Jac was born.